Pyrolux Pizza Pan 35cm

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This PYROCAST 35cm Pizza Pan is generously sized to make large, delicious and crispy pizzas. Cook for a crowd, indoors or outdoors. Versatile and highly durable, this pan also be used for roasting vegetables, chicken, beef, lamb or fish! Features built in handles for easy carrying or rotating. Superior heat retention and even heating make this pizza pan ideal for achieving that authentic golden crust pizza.

Product Features:

  • Heavy duty cast iron
  • Cast iron cookware retains heat at high cooking temperatures ideal for searing, sautéing and grilling
  • Ideal for home cooks, restaurants or outdoor camping
  • For use on induction, ceramic, electric, gas, grills or campfires
  • All cast iron comes with black patina - a pre-seasoning of oil to prevent rusting
  • Serve hot sizzling dishes straight to the table
  • The seasoning process has been started for you to help prevent sticking the first time your cookware is used.
  • Performance improves with every use and seasoning.
  • Comes with twin curved spouts for drip and mess free pouring

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